Honda CX 500


This bike had sat for 38 years in our client’s garage and not moved, we originally went down to clean it however on inspection everything had corroded and was seized, we had to remove the brake callipers just to roll it out of the garage. We agreed to bring it back to the shop to strip it down and provide our client with a report on what it would take to get the bike back up and running.

First, we gave it a Mo clean special to understand what could be cleaned and what needed to be restored.

We then started to strip the bike down and made a list of what we needed to source.

It was then we discovered the engine was completely seized and needed a replacement engine, so we set about sourcing this. Once we found a replacement, we changed the engine, as well as the brakes, clutch relined the tank. Polished the rims and polished the paintwork.