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Ceramic Coatings

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Our Ceramic Coating Prices

The real benefits of a ceramic coating is when you come to clean the bike it takes minutes as nothing will adhere to the surface, however it also protects from micro scratches, acid rain, bird poo and more

Ceramic Sealer

£ 65
  • Ceramic sealer will last between 8 - 12 months applied after any of the washes can be applied with the mobile service

Ceramic Sealer

Stage One
£ 125
  • A ceramic sealer which is applied to the painted areas on the bike and will last for two years with maintenance

Ceramic Sealer

Stage Two
£ 250
  • A two pack ceramic sealer applied to the painted areas and the wheels of the bike lasts two years with maintenance

Ceramic Sealer

Stage Three
£ 550
  • Two pack ceramic for painted areas, glass ceramic on the mirrors ceramic on the wheels and a heat resistant ceramic on the engine and exhaust

Protect Your INvestment

The best way to keep your bike looking like showroom condition

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Yes depending on what bike you have, how long you intend to keep it, the conditions your riding in and how old the bike is are all considerations to think about, please give us a call and we will be happy to advise what would work best for you.

If you get a dealer to ceramic your bike it will be done it a matter of hours, we allow our selves three days to do the job properly, the paint work must be as close to perfect before coatings are applied

The ceramic sealer can be done from your home however the other options need to be applied in our detailing studio with the correct lighting, and temperature

Yes we guarantee all of our work, in the unlikely event of a problem just bring the bike back and we will sort it out no quibble or hassle

No it does not affect your bike insurance

Once the bike is fully treated with ceramic, all you need to do is run either a jet wash or hose over the bike and it will look as it did when we handed the bike back to you. No soaps or chemicals are needed just dry with a microfibre cloth or an air blower

We are based at South Mimms, Hertfordshire we can arrange to have your bike collected and returned once works have been completed

Very little aftercare is needed. However we do have products that can be applied annually to keep the ceramic at its best condition