professional motorcycle cleaning

Why does my motorbike need to be professionally cleaned?

A well kept motorcycle is a great investment and easier to sell

A lot of people ask us, why does my motorbike need to be professinally cleaned? and we love this question at Mo-Clean because there are so many different reasons and it all depends a number of factors.
How often do you use your motorbike? What motorbike it is and where do you actually store your pride and joy during the night?

Most importantly, do you use your motorbike all year round? Or are you wanting to sell your motorcycle.

A clean well kept looking motorcycle will sell a lot quicker than a dirty old bike with corrosion and muck all over it. It’s common sense.

We don’t use aggressive chemicals that damage your motorbike

We won’t bore you with the details of the full process we use as that will be covered in another article, what we will say is from our experience, we deal with so many customers who have taken their motorbikes to the quick car wash and they wonder why their pride and joy gets ruined or does not turn out how they expected. This is becuase the process and chemicals used in bulk car washes is very different. The quick 10 minute car washes are geared for fast in and faster out, using very aggresive chemicals, which are fine for cars, but bad for motorcycles.

We can travel to you or collect your bike

With our expert cleaning system, Mo-Clean can guarantee to transform your filthy bike to showroom condition in less than one hour. We can either travel to you with our fully equipped vans or you can bring your bike to our easy to find location near South Mimms Service Station. For clients that can’t get to us and would prefer us to collect their motorbikes for a full detail service, can complete our online form, we will reply quickly and get to work on getting your motorbike professionally cleaned.

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