Ducati Restoration


The bike had not been driven since the owner brought it approx. 15 years prior from southerbys auctions in London he had tried to carry out some repairs previously however the garage where it was, closed down and the bike was left semi dismantled without a set of keys, and missing various parts to enable it to run.

When we collected the bike, it had no keys, the air box was missing, the carburettor had been dismantled and was off of the bike, and the radiator cover panels were missing as well as the indicator switch had been broken and was also off of the bike.

On closer inspection we also realised the fuel tank was completely corroded and was full of rust, and the pep cock switch at the bottom of the tank was broken, the timing belts needed changing

We started work sourcing parts that were not in production any more, we managed to find an original brand new air box in America and shipped it over, we found a great guy who came down to our workshop and made a set of keys to fit the locks saving hundreds of pounds, had we replaced the locks. We found a company that plastic 3D printed a new indicator switch and repaired the switch fully.

The tank was removed, and a lining treatment was used to remove all the rust and reline the tank so it was useable. The carburettor was re-built and replaced as well, The rear shock was refurbished and replaced. The timing belts were changed considering the bike had sat for so long.

The two side panels that covered the ends of the radiator were made to order then resprayed to match the colour of the bike and fitted.

The bike was then finished with a Mo Clean Special to get it looking its absolute best it could.