For regular Mo-Clean users we offer special annual membership packages.

For a monthly fee members are entitled to 12 washes a year. These washes can be used for any make or model of and are not exclusive to the same bike.

All payments are collected by monthly standing order. Members are not locked into any contract and can cancel at any time during the membership if 2 weeks notice is given.

Membership Clean



  • Grease, Dirt and road grime cleaning from all around the bike

  • Low pressure hot wash

  • Detail rotary-wheel, brake and calliper cleaning

  • Detail shock area, in and out swingarm cleaning

  • Chain cleaning

  • Engine cleaning

  • Plastic and vinyl dressing

  • Full body cream polishing for shining and protection

  • Detail exhaust pipe and Can cleaning

  • High foam shampoo after detail cleaning

  • ACF-50

  • Deep clean polish

  • Wax beading finish

  • Drive chain, side and centre stand, foot pegs, brake pedal, shock lubrication

  • Brake and clutch lever re-lube

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